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  Sri SAI Microtech Pvt. Ltd. was started as a small-scale industry under the guidance of technical experts. We would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturer and supplier of all type of sheet metal components & press tools.  

Sri SAI Microtech Pvt. Ltd. was started as a small-scale industry under the guidance of technical experts. We would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturer and supplier of all type of sheet metal components and press tools. 

Our main goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction through systematic procedure and techniques of creativity for providing defect free components at competitive price. We are in the view that consistent quality can only be maintained by applying complete quality systems. We have experienced manpower to study accurately the design of the tool and component manufactured. Result of that, there is cutting down of the rejections to the great extent, which in turn provide high quality components (product) in keeping the requirement of the customers.

As customer satisfaction is most important for us, we do that by providing quality product at timely delivery. Goods are being packed as per customer instructions. Suitable cartoon/ boxes/ bins (depending on nature of the product) are used wherever required. The concerned person ensures that goods are adequately packed to prevent any damage during transit.

Quality Policy
"We are committed to enhance customer satisfaction level by delivering high quality metal product at right time"
"We shall strive to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 continually

Vision & Mission
To be recognized as one of the premier supplier of sheet metal components and tools with due consideration and respected towards society and environment.

Our goal is simply stated , We want to be the best supplier of sheet metal components in the world.

Our values serves as a compass for our actions and describes , How we behave.
• Work smart
• Act with urgency.
• Remain responsive to change.
• Focus on the need of our customers.
• Have the courage to change course when needed.
• Be accountable for our actions and inactions .
• Reward our people for taking risks and finding better ways to solve problems.

Production Facilities
• A part of press shop at a glance with the most advanced and accurate machines.

• Power presses with Automatic De-coiler, straightner and feeder which is having the capacity of 80 strokes per minute.

•Also we are having Projection and Mig welding to strengthen our Capability
Yes, after successful completion of every level, a certificate is issued within 15 days to every student. On the completion of each program like basic level( Abacus), certificate is granted to the student.
Since it is an aggregated course certified from Chennai and Malaysia and it is developed by a group of scientific educators, lot of hard work and experiments are involved to bring the best content matter for the student. This all is given in compact form of book material to every registered student. This entire process comes with a price tag.
Our students normally catch the pace after 6 months. After completing basic levels a child is able to do 20 rows of double digit of addition and subtraction, double into double multiplication ( 82X78) and four digit number divided by single digit number( 4321:-4) mentally.


Once our brain is trained in particular way, with constant practice it will develop the competency and will respond in the same way as it was doing early. So, a swimmer will remain a swimmer even if he returns back after long break.
You may visit the center on a regular basis to interact with the teacher to know about your child's performance.
• You can see your child's books after every session and assist them in their daily practice.
• You may stick to our procedures and methodology when it comes to assisting your child in connection to Shiksha Abacus
• You have to ensure that your child has a 100% attendance. Please do not take leave or remain absent unless it is really necessary.
• You should take part in all parent meetings as applicable.
• You should motivate your child whenever it is required and that gives the enthusiasm to perform
• You should appreciate your children and that urges them to look forward to their own success
The fact is that Abacus are just the tools to assist the student in increasing his speed and accuracy factor in mental calculations with least rough work / scratch work. But, in our Indian Style of teaching, when a student is taught in class about borrow/carry operations, the class teacher demands a detail representation of the calculations. Here, the student would have to follow all the required steps as explained to him in the school. Now, here Abacus can be handy because it will help the student in rechecking the answer through his mental calculation.


Abacus is an effective tool to increase speed and accuracy and can be used as an alternate tool to recheck the results during examinations.
Parent can encourage their kid to use Abacus knowledge on day to day basis – doing mental calculation for grocery bills, hotel bills, shopping bills etc.
The main motto of Abacus knowledge is that every child develops strong mental mathematics so that in future, he could effectively handle day to day simple finances and reduce dependency on calculators and computers.


Definitely yes, because the age limits are different for both the courses. Abacus works on speed factor while Vedic Mathematics is itself a vast area that works on lot of shortcuts and formulas that gives your child an upper edge especially in competitive exams.
Yes, of course! You may transfer your child from one IPA center to another IPA center under valid circumstances like having changed your residence or if you are moving to some other city etc, you may carry a duly stamped report card from the old center and submit it to the new center. No registration charges would be charged at the new centre. Fees may vary depending upon the city demographics.
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